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Loose Beads Material:
Other, Stone
Gemstone Material:


Emerald Round
Diamond, Portugese and German Cut
Zambia, Sakota, Brazilian, Russian
Excellent luster, color and clarity

We can provide rounds starting from size 1.0mm to any size in all color,clarity,luster and quality(zambian,russian etc.)

Centered & raised table, centered Culet& even pavilion.
Fine polished girdle gives stone better impression, which allows for fastersetting.
More brilliancy & fine polish keeps stones brilliant.
The height of each stone within the size is same.
Consistent color & clarity for easy matching.
Less weight (by 20-30% approx.).
Proper facets geometry, sharpness of edges brings greater dispersion and moredistinct line, which adds more beauty to finished jewelry.
Very easy to set.
Reduces breakages and keeps stone firmly in place
Minimum tolerance so mountings dont require any adjustments